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I was a housewife my entire marriage. I had never had access to a bank account and didn't know where any of our marital assets were located or even what they were. I thought I was going to lose my mind when my husband left me. Thankfully, a friend recommended Ben Valencia and his team at VT Law. Not only did they take over completely and find every single penny, once I received my divorce settlement they referred me to tax accountants and financial planners to help me manage and invest my money so that I would be set up for life. Before our trial they even took me to a stylist, hair dresser and make-up artist to give me a makeover to make facing my ex and his new much (much younger girlfriend) a bit easier. They referred me to a wonderful therapist who I still see today; VTLaw did everything to help me get my confidence back as well as prepare me for my new life. It really is a full service firm. I can’t thank them enough.

Linda M.

I had been mentally and physically abused for years. I did not have the strength to leave. After one particularly violent incident I was referred to Ben Valencia at VT Law. He changed my life. The entire office was so caring with me but Ben was so aggressive in the courtroom. They obtained a 5 year restraining order against my husband protecting myself and my children. Within days of hiring them, they obtained orders forcing my violent spouse to move out of the home so I could stay there safe with our children as well as child and spousal support orders so I could pay our bills; they even obtained an order protecting our puppy from my spouse’s rage. I finally felt safe and was able to breathe and move on with my divorce. Today, my children and I are healthy, happy and most importantly safe. If you are in a dangerous situation, don’t wait; call Ben Valencia at VT Law.

Lindsey U.

After years of addiction, I found myself in the middle of a divorce, losing my kids and having my rights trampled. I just didn’t care anymore. Luckily, I found VT Law to represent my interests. Ben Valencia and his staff were so kind and compassionate. They devised a strategy that gave me my life back. Using their arsenal of professionals, they facilitated my entry into a treatment facility where I finally overcame my addiction. They obtained orders where I continued to see my children while in rehab in a therapeutic setting and once out, I was able to continue my relationship with them. Today I am clean and sober and have equal custody of my children. VT Law obtained a great settlement for me including child and spousal support as well as half of the marital assets. They helped me set up financial accounts and plan for my future. Thank you VT Law.

Barbra S.

I came to VT Law with a restraining order against me, no custody of my son and had been kicked out of the house. I felt desperate, sad and alone. After hiring Ben Valencia and his team at VT Law, everything changed. Using their long list of professionals and their strategic planning, they were able to get the restraining order dismissed, obtain primary physical custody of my son as well as getting back into my home. I could not have asked for a better outcome and I owe it all to VT Law.

Samual G.

My ex-husband and I separated in 2012, and our divorce came final in 2013. By 2017, I was referred to Roxana - my fifth (and now final) family law attorney. Out of all the attorneys that have represented me, none have taken my case as personally, nor have any dedicated themselves such as Roxana. Her expert evaluation of continuing family dynamics (involving children’s rights and responsibilities); analysis of post-litigation needs; and her ability to help me, her client, to heal and move forward have been exemplary. There isn’t anyone else that you want fighting for or with you in the courtroom.


My case has been a difficult, drawn-out process lasting 4 years. I went through 5 attorneys before I found Roxana. Within a month she turned my entire case around. It’s difficult to describe an excellent attorney without sounding hyperbolic, but I can attest that Roxana changed everything for me. She is fair, she is strong, and she fought for me as if I were family. She is attentive, prompt, and courteous. Family law cases are nerve wracking experiences, but I finally have some peace of mind knowing I have Roxana’s representation.


My ex wife had been withholding my son for years. She used him as a bargaining tool to get what she wanted and often conditioned money for time with my son. I had given up and thought this was just how things were going to be until my son was 18. After meeting with Ben Valencia and his associates at VT Law, I was informed that life didn’t have to be this way. They told me I had rights and if my ex was not going to facilite my relationship with my son, I could petition the Court for help. That is exactly what VT Law did for me. VTLaw obtained for me primary physical custody of our son. I longer have to beg and plead to see him. Our relationship has never been stronger. As a bonus they even got my ex to reimburse me the attorneys’ fees I incurred. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

Humberto G.

The break-up of a family is never easy. Roxana was by my side during my divorce and again after my divorce was final for a custody and support modification hearing that was especially drawn-out and difficult. It was during this “post-divorce” experience, being in and out of the courtroom numerous times, and being able to witness many other cases, with many other lawyers, that I was able to see what an incredible attorney Roxana truly is. In the courtroom, she is organized, tough, and determined, with remarkable attention to detail. As a client, I felt heard, and cared for…